About this site

This website is run by the same person as the previous one. I simply brought it up to date as of 22 Dec. 2011.

A note to all Tuck Andress Transcription Club Members:

All previous members of this site retain their original priviliges as stated on the previous version of this site.


All the transcriptions on this site are done by myself. I did them because I was fascinated with Tuck Andress’ playing style and needed to learn from him. He is the best guitar teacher I have ever had and I have never taken a lesson with him.

I have met Mr. Andress and he knows of this site.

I have made my Tuck Andress guitar transcriptions available as I feel that many people can also benefit.

I charge money for them as they have taken enormous amounts of time and concentration to complete them. I think my transcription of Europa alone may have taken 50 hours to complete. I have costs besides my time, which have to do with paying for the server to make them available.

How accurate are your trancriptions?

They are very accurate. Many people have told me so. This is extremely difficult material to write out and I have spent a lot of time making them as accurate as possible. Please see some selected comments here.


all the best


22 Dec. 2011